I stayed in my little college town (shoutout Corvallis!) after I graduated and I love it, but I also find my soul itching to go elsewhere, start over and have a big adventure

I wrote a novel at the age of 17 and self published it. It made a whopping $15.44!

I love green tea and honey, truly vintage farm style (although Magnolia & shiplap do have my heart, I mean like really vintage 1930’s goodness)

Get to know me:

I capture because I feel. I long to show others how people, places, things & moments are so overflowing with emotion. Dancing with joy abounding, tingly toes of anticipation, melancholy tears felt through bones. No feeling goes unfelt here.

In summer I flourish amid the cacophonous melody of summer bugs, in fall my joys abound in the crisp air, in winter I ponder over warm drinks and moody words, and in spring I retreat back to hope, faith and daydreams in air growing with warmth.

Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!

Let’s be friends, get to really know each other and do this part of life together. 

My driving force for photography is storytelling. Sometimes it’s creative shoot where I’m telling a story of my own imagination. Often it’s weddings where I’m helping to tell the love story of two amazing humans.

I love facilitating moments for the people I encounter in life. Sometimes that means being a little extra about snacks at gatherings with friends, other times it means making sure friends new & old get the moments to experience & appreciate their wedding the way they want to.

Let me be honest with you...

I go deep, and I go deep quick. Small talk aside, I love to know people. I want to know your favorite kind of weather but also your favorite childhood memory, your biggest life goals, and the things you struggle with the most about yourself. 

Weddings are where I thrive, because I love to go so deep. 

Knowing and contending with the best and worst parts of family is part of a wedding day, and I don’t shy away. I don’t just show up, take some photos and head out, I’m there for the day, highs and lows, rushes and lulls. I’m in it for the long haul, because I don’t take this kinda thing lightly. It’s not all small talk & pretty photos (although we’ll have those) it’s big moments & emotional swells & tears & shaky happy smiles & real real life. 

storytelling in Oregon & beyond